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Build Better Mobile Apps to Grow your Business with Firebase!

  • Robust, scalable, or dynamic framework to build apps
  • Harness the complete unified back-end mobile app development service
  • Automatic scalability, as it is built on Google’s infrastructure

Firebase is the perfect tool to convert your simple real-time feature ideas to real, working app features.

Firebase can sync and store app data in milliseconds, making features like live chat and real-time notifications possible in the best way. Also, apps made using Firebase are entirely written using JavaScript, which makes them scalable which means that no matter how big your app gets, it remains stable. Apart from these benefits, this technology is also ideal to create real-time, back-end web applications.

Some Features You Can Get

Build Apps Faster

Firebase helps you create apps faster without the need for building or maintaining a back-end infrastructure

Easy App Integration

With Firebase, its easy to integrate between cross-platform apps i.e. on Android, iOS and Web

Built on Google

Firebase is built on Google and can be scaled automatically, even for larger apps

Helps you Earn more with ASO Tools

Firebase App Indexing helps your app rank in Google search and also re-engages app user to find both personal and public content on their devices more quickly

Easy data management

Easily manage notifications, showcase relevant in-app content and automatically link Google Adwords to the user segments in analytics

Real-time Database

Firebase can share & store data instantly thus, making it easier to built collaborative and real-time apps

Test Lab Improves Quality of Apps

Firebase test lab provides cloud-based infrastructure to test apps hosted on Google

Cloud Firestore

This is a scalable and flexible database to store and sync data in a global scale for mobile or web app development

Firebase Storage

This storage feature is mainly used for security and scaling purposes

Deliver better UX & UI

Firebase lets you test your app on physical devices which allows developers to automate the testing process

Firebase Analytics

This feature lets you check user behaviour in real-time and get free & unlimited app analytics

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Redbytes as a Firebase development company has been implementing Firebase on many of our client projects and our in-house apps.

As Firebase is an evolving technology landscape, it is over-loaded with features such as back-end services, cloud storage function etc. which makes it simpler and faster to create apps for various domains.

As a premier mobile app development company, Firebase is one of Redbytes’ platforms of choice when it comes to building the back-end for iPhone, Android or web apps. Our team of developers regularly leverage Firebase's real-time database, user authentication, and static hosting for apps from big brands to funded start-ups.

Services You Can Avail

  • Data-driven, cloud hosted mobile app development strategies
  • Use of apt optimization tools
  • Conceptualize, Design, Develop & Test apps
  • Easily collaborate apps across devices
  • Authentication via multiple Auth providers
  • Long-running back-end processes
  • Real-time communication features
  • Deploy apps on or before expected dates
  • Real-time work processes
  • Reduced projects costs

Firebase Portfolio


Queskr App

Queskr is a social app made using the real-time database- Firebase. Firebase had all necessary components to implement features like quick set-up, easy login via social media platforms & storage capacity of related data in the app.


Somebody Somewhere

Somebody Somewhere is a social app that helps you to connect with friends and family globally. The firebase authentication process makes it a perfect choice to speed up the app building process and also makes the data management simple.

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Our dedicated mobile app developers can take care of all your development needs and deliver mobile applications that help you scale up your business and improve your ROI.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does a Firebase project cost?

There are many aspects that need to be considered in a project right from generating the idea to product deployment. Therefore, the cost can widely depend on the specifications used and the estimated time to complete the project.

2. How long does it take to finish the project?

The timeline is decided by the client itself. If you have a deadline in mind then, we will work hard to meet it. Mostly, a project takes a minimum time-frame of 4-6 weeks for completion.

3. What kind of businesses do you work with?

We have worked with a broad range of company types like start-ups, established corporate, non-profits, and more.

4. What benefits do I get by using Firebase for mobile app development?

Real-time database for data storage and synchronization, unlimited Google analytics solutions, crash reporting to fix bugs easily, Firebase authentication makes login-process easy, fast and secured web hosting, in-app advertising, app indexing and much more.

5. Which are the industries that you have worked using Firebase?

IT, marketing, advertising, hospitality, retail, real-estate, telecommunication, sports, computer software etc.


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