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A chatbot is a typical example of an AI system and one of the most elementary and widespread examples of intelligent Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). Our Chatbot program is an innovative approach of deploying computer programs to automate our marketing interactions with prospects and drive revenue.

The purpose of our bot is to start conversations and to answer support questions with website visitors & promote our services with targeted messaging to plausible leads to increase brand visibility and boost customer engagement.



Following are the step-by-step instructions to engage with our chatbot:

  • After coming to our site, you can find the chatbot icon on the right side of your browser. You can click the icon to start chatting with our bot.
  • At first the bot will request you to submit your phone number to verify the user
  • After that the system will send an OTP to entered phone number, the user must type in the received OTP in the dialog box on the chat to get verified as a valid user
  • After getting verified the user can easily stream through our options to identify which service suits their requirement
  • After selecting the required service, the bot will direct the user to a sales representative to close the deal

Want our AI-enabled chatbot to help you automate repetitive tasks and market your business in a big way?

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What can Users find on our Chatbot

With our chatbot interface user can find queries like,

  • Our Services - Users can stream through our multiple services and select the one suitable for their requirement
  • Identify Software Cost - Users can find the pre-calculated cost to develop an app or generate a custom app cost based on their requisites via our cost calculator
  • Hire Developers - Users can come in and hire our experienced developers based on their choice and requirement
  • Join Our Team - Experienced and fresher candidates can use our job portal and submit their resumes based on job openings
  • Students - Students can easily stroll through hundreds of our resources (blogs, case studies, portfolios) for study or other purposes.

Why Choose Our Chatbot for Your Business

Our chatbot helps automate marketing services and ensure timely & instant responses to the possible prospect. By implementing our chatbot as part of your marketing initiative your business can grow and push customers seamlessly through the sales funnel and drive conversions easily.

Our Features

  • 1. Automates the lead generation process

    By implementing our state-of-the-art chatbot you can make your marketing initiatives more streamlined and easier. Especially the marketing processes in the early stages. You can trust our chatbot to collect the necessary information from the conversation at the early stages & gather contact details for sales calls.
  • 2. Amplifies the magnitude of your marketing conversations

    Our chatbot will automate a big part of your marketing process, which will eventually give you more bandwidth to handle a higher volume of conversations and close more sales calls. With the use of our chatbot you can help market your products to new geographies, which will bring more chances of customer communication and achieve better engagement.
  • 3. Automatically qualify your leads

    You can get a decent number of leads by deploying our chatbot to automate lead qualification processes. With a set of relevant prequalifying questions to users which allows them to quickly make choices by simply selecting the most relevant option to them. This process will filter out junk leads & drastically reduces the sales cycle and improves the entire process.
  • 4. Nurture the Captured Leads

    After filtering out the sales prospects you can schedule a meeting to transfer the high intent lead in real-time for instant closure. This way you can increase sales conversions and business revenue significantly by boosting customer satisfaction with real-time assistance.
  • 5. Broaden your brand reach

    Our bot can be easily integrated across multiple messaging applications (ex: WhatsApp) making you available to help your customers in real time. Our AI-driven chatbots integrated on social media messaging platforms can help your business to reach out to a bigger audience quickly, easily & effectively.
  • 6. Swap From Automatic chat to Manual Chat

    Once we verify that the user is a possible prospect, we can adopt personalization in real-time. We can shift from bot conversations to manual chat in real time to personalize the conversation & make customers feel interested to our business.

Following are some screenshots of our chatbot being integrated on the WhatsApp, Mobile & Web



Mobile View


Desktop View


Our Workflow


Key Benefits of Using Our Chatbot

Increase lead generation

Save Time & Cost

Boost Customer Engagement

Provide Faster Response

Collect Data for future analysis



Cost Calc.



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